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Aaron Greenberg

QUEENS, New York, United States

Aaron Greenberg was born in Queens to a Jewish acupuncturist and a communist coloratura. He was raised up in Connecticut, but would like to make it clear that he still represents Queens. Mostly what he writes are lies. Even when they begin as true things he dips them in egg yolk and coats them in lies for seasoning the way you bread a chicken cutlet. He has written lies since he was able to write anything at all. Just this May, they went and gave him a Master's degree for it down at Hollins University. All his lies that anyone has ever bound in books have been little bittie ones (In The Long River Review up at Uconn, and in Cargoes down at Hollins) but he is in the middle of writing a whopper that has chapters with titles all their own, whoopee! The way he makes music is: he beats dead animal skins with his hands, and there was this one time he wrote a kung fu movie.