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Adam Ruszkowski

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands

Ruszowski entered the world in Poland where he grew up near the mountains. He nurtured his creative intuitions studying film and media science at Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan) and Erasmus University (Rotterdam).

A self-proclaimed professional flâneur, he has been traveling for the past 10 years. He began at age 15 touring Europe with interrail tickets and has since made it to Asia: first China and South East Asia in 2003, later Japan. From there, The World.

His main attraction is the Asian crowd, which he describes is "full of smells and faces, and people being in touch with each other, a quality that still exists in few places". Their films are also a source of great inspiration, particularly new Taiwanese and Japanese directors, though he also loves the classics, especially Bogart and Cassavetes.

VIEW HIS FOLIO: flickr.com/photos/aruszka
VIEW HIS VIDEOS: youtube.com/user/ebhikku