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Brent Katte

SANTA BARBARA, California, United States

Life started out in Seattle, bloomed along with grunge but quickly outgrew the garden. The University of Washington answered some questions, but they just led to more, the type disposed to airplanes and cars. In between fits of love and madness came London, door to the world, and more fits of love and madness. University climaxed with a B.A. in politics but no clear vision of the future, the new MO experience and faith in impulse. Zip codes turned to postcodes turned to zip codes, accents more discernible but home harder to find, more notion than anything despite all the maps. Afterthought jobs all started with the same application, predictably lifeless, ceilings well within sight. But their fences were fluid, never encroaching on roles or the words being written, the pages lived around the world. The 21st century began in California, flirting with fringes and sun, landscape and fantasy. Then Asia beckoned and east became west, perspective the paycheck with English footing the bills. From Japan it was the long way round, a stop in Catalonia turning into more than a stop, living under the radar and under the table, learning how "illegal" changes things when used to define "immigrant." Now back in the States it's New York City, a place more world than metropolis, a hybrid's natural choice. Gotham is the stage for this next bit of life, open and inviting, in constant flux; a city mad with writers and those who would be them, and as good a place as any to hurry up and start.

VISIT HIS WEBSITE: brentkatte.com