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Carolyn Lawrence

GEORGIA, United States

Carolyn Lawrence currently resides in the North Georgia Mountains with her two cats and closest confidants, Pippin and Ferris. Raised in St. Augustine, Fl, the oldest European settlement in the nation, Carolyn received a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Kennesaw State University and a Masters of Humanities from Tiffin University. The product of a plastic blue typewriter that her grandfather gave her for Christmas at the age of eight, Carolyn has spent most of her life writing down thoughts, in an attempt to better understand the world around her. From the first poem she can remember writing (in third grade, which she proudly adds that it won first place in a school-wide poetry contest) to the laptop permanently glued to her wrists, Carolyn continues to write down observations, patterns and pretty much anything else that she thinks might have relevance at some point in time.

She is currently working on her vampire-fantasy series, The Secrets of Undrencaul, and hopes to have the first novel out sometime in 2009, if she can find an agent and a publisher. She also owns and operates Lawrence Creative Services, assisting others with their writing and editing needs.

Eventually, she plans to settle in the hills of Scotland and live out her dream of being a highlander.

VISIT HER WEBSITE: carolyn-lawrence.com