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Erika Saito

TOKYO, Japan

Erika was born and raised in Saitama & Tokyo, Japan. She likes to travel the world without the comfort of a map but has determined it may not be the most prudent or economical way to the make the best use of her time traveling. Although the roads Erika likes to walk down may be bumpy, she feels that the view waiting for her at the end of these roads will be a memorable one.

With a BA in Sociology, she tries to apply this knowledge to her experience, but still always lives for the moment.

The next project for this photography lover is to take snapshots of her second hometown, Tokyo, which is a very fast-paced and hectic city. She plans to use the "continuous action" mode on her camera to make sure that she can keep up with the pace and truly capture Tokyo in action.

VIEW HER FOLIO: picasaweb.google.co.jp/lotofagas