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Frank Fredericks

NEW YORK CITY, United States

A native of Portland, OR, Frank Fredericks began a life of journey by moving to New York City at age 18. After living, studying, and working in five countries and studying Music Business and International Politics at New York University, Frank decided to pursue his two life goals, one his passion, and one his calling. His passion for music led him to producing, engineering, and management. Frank has been working as a booking agent for three years with both signed and unsigned artists spanning rock, pop, soul, and jazz. In 2007, Frank started Çöñàr Records, which currently has four signed artists and is launching its marketing campaign.

After independent research on Christian-Islam relations in Egypt, and the experience of working as a volunteer in the US State Department's Lebanon evacuation during the Hizbollah-Israeli War in 2006, he realized the great need of dialogue between the faith traditions of the World. This inspired him to start World Faith. He rarely travels anywhere without a guitar, is learning two languages at any given time, and is perfecting his culinary skills in Italian cuisine. Frank now lives in the East Village of Manhattan, New York, NY.

VISIT Çöñàr Records' WEBSITE: conarrecords.com
VISIT World Faith's WEBSITE: worldfaith.org