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  • Montségur
    Now seemingly just stones in the mist, the historic Cathar fortification that lent its name to a quaint town in southern France holds many secrets, some told by the wind, others buried in time

  • The People You Meet
    Anyone who's spent more than five minutes in a backpacker hostel knows how repetitive the conversation can be. For the most part, these are places where people from all over the world stop in for a few days of cheap lodging, not so cheap beer and travel advice on their destinations of choice. The unfortunate side effect of this is that relationships in such an environment tend to be short and superficial.

  • Kagoshima: Japan's Forgotten Father
    Dating from the 14th century, this pivotal city on the Satsuma peninsula is known as the "Naples of the Orient" for its comparable climate and geological features

  • Hiroshima's Genbaku: Story of a Skeleton
    The curious architecture that survived the world's first nuclear bomb

  • Al Ain
    A Pakistani cab driver, a curious American with an interest in history and politics, and the topic of government

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