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  • Articles | Kagoshima: Japan's Forgotten Father
    Dating from the 14th century, this pivotal city on the Satsuma peninsula is known as the "Naples of the Orient" for its comparable climate and geological features

  • Articles | Hiroshima's Genbaku: Story of a Skeleton
    The curious architecture that survived the world's first nuclear bomb

  • Journalesque | Siem Reap: Recalibration in Indo-China
    He's lived there ever since, his daily routine an impossible wish list of ambition. He teaches and cooks, cleans and solicits, builds and beckons. Prayer fills the gaps, gaps fill the prayers. His heart aches most for what it can't provide, for the children who will follow in his footsteps, things he'll never be able to right. He never mentioned himself, never lamented his own loss; he only measured that in what he couldn't make possible, regardless of supply or circumstance.

  • Fiction | Still Life With Nude
    Blossoms pirouetted on the surface and were carried away with the current, or became trapped on thin reed stalks. Here Hyeon-mi could be alone, but not always alone. They too had sat like this once, watching the water. The creek was swollen with rain that day, it flowed noisily. His whispered breath had felt warm against her ear.

  • Journalesque | Kanchanaburi: Inventory on the River Khwae
    I'm looking around at the setting, taking it all in, putting them in the picture, putting the picture in me, framing things. My immediate thoughts are on childhood and its bliss, the great removedness from the adult mess we all move to some day.

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