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  • Articles | Montségur
    Now seemingly just stones in the mist, the historic Cathar fortification that lent its name to a quaint town in southern France holds many secrets, some told by the wind, others buried in time

  • Articles | Kagoshima: Japan's Forgotten Father
    Dating from the 14th century, this pivotal city on the Satsuma peninsula is known as the "Naples of the Orient" for its comparable climate and geological features

  • Articles | Hiroshima's Genbaku: Story of a Skeleton
    The curious architecture that survived the world's first nuclear bomb

  • Poetry | Rome

  • Journalesque | Pointillism
    People had been telling me since my first visit to the city four years ago to avoid the area. 'Well there's Point, by the docks,' one person had said at the time. 'The Nigerians control that place, so you don't want to go over there'... But I figured if I was going to learn anything real about the city in which I was living, I had to get beyond its downtown.

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