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a r t i s t s
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S O U T H   A M E R I C A
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  • Journalesque | Cuzco: Finding Hope in Unlikely Places
    These streets were jagged, the people were beaten down by heat, and everything screamed of chaos. Despite all the commotion, I felt an inner peace from being in Cuzco. This discovery latched on to me and I have not let it go.

  • Journalesque | Ancon: Giving in to the Freedom of Feeling of Powerless
    I cannot fully describe the feeling of being so close to the water, lying on a cushioned surface, and staring up at nothing but sky and mountains.

  • Journalesque | Aguas Calientes: In a Postcard
    Ahead of me lay mountains, and as the rain trickled down my face I felt like Jane about to embark on Tarzan's tree vine tour of the jungle. I would never be Jane, but the splattering jungle rain felt refreshing. The sounds and smells of my surroundings woke and sharpened my senses, quenching my thirst for adventure.

  • Poetry | Aruba

  • Journalesque | Tango
    An American dancing her way into an Argentinian ménage à trois

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