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  • Fiction | Past Imperfect
    My voice trails off. I feel uneasy knowing that he never had this, the opportunity to travel, to experience the largeness, the difference, the confirmations and contradictions that come with living elsewhere. I think of the extra piano lessons he taught, all the hours he and Mom worked to send me over here the first time at the age of twenty-one. When I kissed them goodbye at the airport, I was afraid I'd waste what they had given me, convinced that somehow I'd squander this opportunity that had been presented by selfless parents.

  • Articles | The People You Meet
    Anyone who's spent more than five minutes in a backpacker hostel knows how repetitive the conversation can be. For the most part, these are places where people from all over the world stop in for a few days of cheap lodging, not so cheap beer and travel advice on their destinations of choice. The unfortunate side effect of this is that relationships in such an environment tend to be short and superficial.

  • Journalesque | Riga
    I set out on this trip to escape from my comfort zone, but the clean, safe and well-maintained cities of northern Europe left me feeling more domesticated than ever. All of that changed when I arrived in Riga, which is a hypnotic, beautiful city, but not in any conventional sense. The twentieth century was not kind to the Baltics, and scars from Latvia's recent brutalization are visible beneath the easygoing way of life here.

  • Journalesque | Magic Shoes from Nepal
    Om explained to me in great detail how he had many times in the past secured an ounce or so of hashish under the insole of one or another of his esteemed guests here at his cinder block Taj Mahal and off they went on their merry way.

  • Poetry | Around the World

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